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February Breakfast Club: Wearing All Hats

Wearing All the Hats: How to Manage your Time While you Grow your Business

Join us for this session of Breakfast Club to hear David Brebner, Co-Founder and CFO of Mobials Inc., share his experience wearing multiple hats in an organization and how he has been able to manage his time effectively as he’s grown his business.

If you’re like most small business owners, your business card might bear the title CEO or co-founder, but you know that on any given day it could just as easily read customer service, sales associate, or marketing manager.

Small business owners don’t always have the luxury of passing duties off to department managers. The success of your business depends on your ability to wear all the multiple hats needed to keep the wheels of your business turning. At times, the dizzying pace needed can turn even the most capable person into an overwhelmed entrepreneur wearing too many hats.

Please note: Breakfast Club is a TechAlliance members-only initiative.

Date: Wednesday, Februrary 13, 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Location: Western Continuing Studies, Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington Street Room 124, London, ON