Western Research Park

Community Research Incubator

A biannual forum that brings community organizations, leaders, and researchers together to explore opportunities for future collaborations.


About this Event

Community Research Incubators are innovative, dynamic spaces that blend strategic partnership building with serendipitous discovery.

Who should come?

Everyone. Whether or not you come with an agenda or question in mind, please come and bring your curiosity and your knowledge to the table. We need lots of brain power in the room. Listen, share, and learn.

For community organizations and local leaders, this is an opportunity to tap the research and evaluation expertise of university students and researchers. If you have a project in process or on the horizon that you would like to feature at this forum, please email us at info@crhesi.ca at least two weeks before the event.

For academics and students, this is an opportunity to ground research in real-world community questions. If you have an idea or proposal for which you would like to garner community input, please email us at info@crhesi.ca at least two weeks before the event.

Think of it as a recipe.

First, start with a room full of passionate and creative people: community leaders, researchers, program designers and evaluators, students, and others.

For the second ingredient, add some specific questions, problems, or projects into the mix for discussion. These might include program ideas, nascent research initiatives, materializing concepts in need of collaborators, and so on.

The next ingredient is a very thin layer of technology: a set of screens around the room that provide minute-by-minute updates of each conversation. This monitoring allows everyone in the room to self-organize and connect themselves to conservations where they feel they have the most to learn or contribute.

Lastly, stir everything together in a relaxed environment and provide some light refreshments to help keep up the glucose levels! (A nice topping is to add the option for those who are interested in purchasing a pint as well.)


Enter in Fox and Fiddle by the mall-side (ground level) entrance inside CitiPlaza. Bring an appetite: light refreshments will be served. Event is wheelchair accessible. Everyone is welcome.

The Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion (CRHESI) is a university-community research collaboration, housed in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University. Learn more at crhesi.uwo.ca

DATE: Mon, 27 January 2020 from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EST
LOCATION: Fox and Fiddle, 355 Wellington Street N6A 1H2

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