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Fireside Chat | Software Patents - Protecting Your Ideas and Algorithms



Get informed about software patents.

About this event

Software founders developing outstanding innovation, join us on August 10. Dive into the thought processes, decision making and benefits behind patenting your software. Hear from Mike Picard, Founder and CTO at EzoTech Inc. and Brennon D’Souza Founder and CEO of DIBZ, two founders who have been down that road, and learn about their experiences protecting software ideas and innovations.

Join as they chat about of the advantages, roadblocks, processes and timelines associated with preserving the rights for the work you create - your software.

About the speakers:


Mike is a self-taught hacker, internet cartographer, and entrepreneur with a passion for pushing technological boundaries. Through his efforts in internet cartography, vulnerability research and security testing, Mike has provided services to fortune 500 companies and international government agencies. His career as a penetration tester and vulnerability researcher shifted, when he founded EzoTech and set out to create Tanuki, an automated penetration testing platform, powered by machine learning. With his intimate knowledge of exploitation and his extensive exposure to the underground hacking scene, Mike brings forth the perspective of a blackhat hacker gone data scientist.

Brennon is the Founder & CEO of  DIBZ, and leads all business development, fundraising and sales for the tech startups service solution. As a former media lead (OpenText, Christie Digital) he has built his reputation on being a creative problem solver, for large organizations.